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Mission and Vision


Wine Business School (WineBS) was created with the aim of contributing to the global competitiveness of the wine sector through a specialized high-level cross-training, advanced and innovative in the area of business management, and other areas related to the sector to enable the businesses, organizations and industry professionals to advance open and progressive in achieving their challenges with vision and international vocation.

The WineBS must respond to this objective by ensuring the systematic growth and professionalization of the sector by providing them with the knowledge and experience possible with comprehensive and integrated view for all agents, as a real protagonists of continuous improvement and for the benefit of their socio-economic growth and the society in general.


The WineBS is projected with the challenge of being a training center worldwide reference for professionals, primarily in the areas of management and leadership, and the generation and transfer of knowledge through its links with all related business network and referable to the same.

Should be developed into an agent training, economic development and knowledge center linked to the wine sector, as has the involvement of the business that supports and includes the actual knowledge of the training needs of its professionals, and environment potentials and stakeholders that give a differential, exclusive of interest and character.

WineBS integrates and brings together government agencies, companies, associations, DO, and other actors in the wine sector to face future challenges with a proactive and collaborative position.

To successfully develop their business, WineBS also includes partnerships for academic collaboration with all schools, business schools, universities and institutions that can provide knowledge and expertise to the development of its mission, without any discrimination, preference or priority.

The scope of WineBS is considered both from the local projection as the most global. Priority is given in its early years, the actual coverage of the nearest needs, and by a progressive and permanent progress, all potential recipients.